Ways to Use LinkedIn for Offline Networking

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The business benefits of using LinkedIn are countless.

For instance, you can build a great rapport with those with similar business interests, in your industry or your area.

Equally you can join groups and communities which may well turn out to give you amazing support. However, not only is it a fabulous online platform, it’s also a great foundation for networking offline too. 


Face to Face Meetings

Whilst you might start by building a relationship online, moving to face-to-face meetings means you are half-way there in getting to know someone.

There will be no need for explanations of exactly what you do or clarifying your authority.

As a result, when you do meet a contact, they’ll know a great deal about you and your business.

Moreover, they’ll have prior knowledge of your values and offering too.


Personal Network

When connecting with people on LinkedIn, don’t forget to tap into your personal network.

For example, by connecting with family and friends, you have immediate access to their own contacts.

Consequently, there’s a good chance you will meet some of these connections in person which will stand you in good stead. 


Events and Exhibitions

If you choose to develop your network through LinkedIn, it’s likely you’ll join industry related groups.

Whilst this brings its own rewards via LinkedIn, when you attend industry-specific events and exhibitions, you may well meet up with those in your network.

Therefore, there’ll be no need for ice breaking or awkward business card swapping moments. 


Coffee and Chat 

Seeking out those people of interest on LinkedIn who are based in your area is a sensible way to build good relationships.

In these current pandemic times, we’re all getting used to the freedom of networking with anyone from anywhere in the world.

However, the reality is that anything that engenders commonality gives you a bond.

Therefore, those business connections made on LinkedIn who are based nearby will have more in common with you. For example, chatting about a local restaurant will create a deeper sense of knowing each other.

Meeting locally in person for an hour’s coffee and chat is a great way to develop those relationships which started online.


People Buy from People

Sharing your knowledge and values on LinkedIn will develop relationships with like-minded individuals.

Similarly, regular engaging posts will keep you in the forefront of people’s minds.

This is a great starting point from which to develop.

It consequently makes suggesting meeting up next time you’re in their area the next logical step. 

The phrase ‘people buy from people’ is something to keep in mind. LinkedIn is about building relationships little by little with engaging posts, sharing knowledge and showing you are someone to trust and like.

Once this has been established, your network will feel they know you well and allow offline networking opportunities to evolve much more readily.

Furthermore, it will mean if and when someone is in need of your services, they will already know you and what you stand for.


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