5 Simple Ways To Increase The Reach of Your Posts on LinkedIn

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Low post views getting you down?

Perhaps you are struggling to reach the people you want to with the posts you make?

It’s a tricky situation, one that can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can do to increase your reach.

What follows are a few ways to increase the reach of your posts on LinkedIn!


1. #Hashtags

Hashtags essentially act as a way to categorise your post.

This places it in a section for all posts relating to that subject/topic.

For example, if you make a post with #fintech, then your post will show up to those that follow #fintech.

Additionally, if you search for fintech, your post might come up in the post sections.

This also allows you to target your post to a specific audience.

Increasing your views by placing your post in front of the relevant people!


2. Make Connections

When you post on LinkedIn, the site will show your post to people you are connected with.

Therefore, by growing your networking and connecting with new people, your post will be seen by more people!

Now, this doesn’t give you permission to hot-fire the connect button with everyone and anyone.

But, if you know people, will get on with them, or share common interests, feel free to link!


3. Build on Engagement

Engagement is key in any social media, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Referring to the previous point, your connections will see your post!

And, if they like/react to it, your post will be shown to some of their network.

This can be seen on your timeline, for example, when it says ‘Connection X liked this’

What this means, is the more people like your post, the more people see it (essentially sharing it).

So make use of this, and create appealing content, and don’t forget to like the content you like!


4. Post Time is Best Time

Picture this, you want to stand in on the street with a billboard 

Your aim? Getting as many eyes on it as possible!

Would you stand either: 9 AM, or 3 AM?

Chances are, 9 AM would yield the biggest number of eyes!

Why? Because most people are on the streets then.

The same applies to social media, when are people most likely to be on the site?

Find this for your target audience, and post then, this will increase engagement and reach!


5. Trending Topics

Think of the news, when something big happens, everyone wants to know every detail.

It almost becomes their topic for the day!

So, why not use this as post inspiration?

By doing so, you will capture some of the eyes of those who are hungry for content on this topic!


Final Remarks

Here were a few ways you can increase the reach of your LinkedIn posts.

As always, it’s important to not just increase reach, but also engagement, as this shows your content is being consumed.


For more information, please get in touch today.

In the meantime check out our LinkedIn Management service.

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