Ways to Boost Engagement on LinkedIn

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There’s no doubt about it, LinkedIn is an amazing medium for business networking.

Whilst marketeers talk of ‘finding your tribe’, LinkedIn offers a fabulous opportunity to do so with a pool of over 660 million users! However, as with all things powerful, to get the very best out of your LinkedIn network, you need to use method and strategy.

As such, here is our definitive guide to how to successfully boost engagement on LinkedIn.


It’s Not All About You

Just as face-to-face social situations, if you show an interest in others, it will generate their interest in you.

For instance, bombarding people with post after post on your own business without taking the time out to engage with others is a big mistake.

Furthermore, mutual engagement will build a good rapport.


Take Time to Build Relationships

The single most important way to boost engagement is to build relationships.

Moreover, don’t make the mistake of viewing your LinkedIn network as a constant opportunity to sell.

People want to build a network around them of like-minded individuals with whom they build longer lasting relationships. For instance, they want to share views and experiences and do not want a sales pitch.

By following this principle, people will be interested in what you have to say.

Consequently, engagement will increase.


Update Your Profile

Don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn profile continually in mind.

After creating your profile, it’s easy to forget about keeping it up to date.

As such, others might assume you’re no longer active and not interested in engaging.

Similarly, it can give a poor impression if any details are out of date.

Although you might think it’s all about your posts, people search on criteria and if your profile is out of date, you might not even show up in their search.

Equally important is the use of a professional looking headshot and brand related background image.


Add Value

It’s common sense that when people are scrolling through endless posts on their LinkedIn feed, they will be more interested in engaging with posts that stand out to them.

For example, yet another salesy post will not stand out. It’s the posts that give added value and generate interest that will get engagement.

Additionally, using video is a great way of getting greater engagement as it’s been proven that people not only prefer short and sweet posts but are also more attracted to more visual posts.



Joining groups on LinkedIn is a great idea and hugely beneficial for increasing engagement.

For example, contributing valuable content to any group raises your profile and gives you credibility.

Equally, contributing in this way can establish yourself as an authority in your field.

As a consequence, as a matter of course, you’ll get increased engagement. 



In the same way that joining groups means drilling down on the interests or industry of your fellow group members, using hashtags will also allow you to direct your posts.

For instance, using an industry related hashtag, you’ll increase your post visibility.

Additionally, your post will be targeted to those following the same hashtag.

This can prove invaluable when you have something relevant to say to a niche market. However, be warned, the optimum number of hashtags is no more than 5 or 6 on LinkedIn.


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