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LinkedIn is an amazing platform to use for developing your business.

With no geographical or industry boundaries, you can potentially reach as many prospective clients as you like.

However, there are golden rules if you are looking to make lasting connections and build trust.

For example, never, ever try to sell directly.

Whilst it might sound counterproductive (and you might be thinking, ‘what else is the point?’), LinkedIn is about building business relationships.

So, it means seeking out like-minded people and those who might be interested in you and creating a bond. In short, LinkedIn is not about doing a sales pitch to every new target. 



There is a process to be followed when using LinkedIn successfully.

It’s not documented. And it’s not enforced. However, the process is:



By all means, connect with your target audience.

Use your avatars and targeted demographic to pinpoint likely connections.

However, leave it at a connection request and do not be tempted to follow up with any sort of sales pitch.

Connect to people with whom you have an affinity. For instance, don’t feel threatened by those in your industry, embrace them.

Connections on LinkedIn should be like those in real life. So, seek out those with whom you have empathy and look for those with whom you have things in common. 



As such, you will find relationships to develop and build.

Consequently, people will become familiar with you and your company name. As in the real, rather than virtual, world, people buy from people.

Additionally, developing any sort of relationship takes time. If you met someone in a club who you liked the look of, you’d start a conversation, not ask them to marry you!

LinkedIn is not that different in this approach and building relationships slowly and organically will bring results, in the long term. 



In order to build on the foundation created by a connection, you need to engage with your audience.

However, it’s not a one way street and needs to be more than writing endless posts.

Similarly, merely liking other people’s posts is not enough on its own. You need to engage and comment on other people’s posts and also develop interesting content of your own.

Fresh, diverse content is sometimes difficult but if you keep it authentic and keep your audience in mind, you won’t go far wrong. They may even look forward to your posts! 



There is certainly much more to LinkedIn than selling.

Once you start to follow this simple process, you will realise that not every incredibly useful contact in business is a potential customer.

For instance, collaborations are a great concept and work very well across LinkedIn.

Whether they’re small or large in numbers, having a trusted network is truly invaluable.

In particular, collaborative thoughts and ideas have a positive impact on your outlook and can take your business to another level.

Similarly, sharing your knowledge and challenges in equal measures is what community is all about. After all, a give and take relationship is what makes a good friendship in real life.


To learn more, get in touch with us today.

And, to find out how we can help you build your relationships through LinkedIn, check our LinkedIn Masterclass.


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