Using LinkedIn for Professional Branding: A Short Guide


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So, there is no doubt about it: LinkedIn is all about business.

This is indisputable and even often remarked upon with ‘this is not Facebook’ comments commonplace across the platform. However, within a business context, LinkedIn is perhaps much more personal than you might think.

For instance, is there not a major truth behind the old adage, ‘people buy from people?


Sealing the Deal

Although it’s evidently important to feel confidence in a business with whom you choose to do business, it’s generally the service or promise offered by an individual which will clinch it.

Equally, many of us are put off by making a major purchase from someone we don’t like. For example, when looking to buy a car from a major dealership, you’d be offered the necessary warranties and guarantees. A reputable brand would have that covered off as a matter of course.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be a lack of confidence in the company which might make you go elsewhere.

However, a pushy salesperson might be a different story.

Conversely, of course, if you gel with the person showing you the car, you feel good. Your confidence grows and your guard lowers.

Moreover, an empathetic approach from someone friendly and genuinely interested in your needs might well seal the deal.


Importance of Authenticity

So, how do you go about bringing your personal brand into your LinkedIn presence?

You don’t have to post an image of last night’s dinner to make it more personal!

Showing integrity and authenticity in yourself as well as your brand is key. Use your profile and posts to hit the right note in terms of showing a more personal side.

Keep in mind, that no one wants to deal with a faceless ‘suit’. And, no one likes to hear only business jargon and buzzwords. 


Being Social

Showing what’s going on in your personal life is having an effect on your business in a helpful manner.

Whilst important to keep a sense of professionalism, making your presence less corporate and more personal is critical. For instance, sharing social connections makes it easier for referrals.

After all, we’re all happy to use products and services recommended by those we like and respect.

Similarly, using testimonials touching upon how you personally dealt with a sale is a very useful method too.


Stand Out

Those in HR recommend making a job application stand out.

Using LinkedIn to make your personal brand stand out is no different.

Bring your personality to life, connect and engage!

Furthermore, engaging with others’ posts, thoughts and ideas is an ideal way to stamp your own personality on LinkedIn.

Whilst engagement is advised to grow your network, adding more than ‘thanks for sharing’ will also allow others to see the real you.


Concluding Remarks

LinkedIn is a remarkable tool to demonstrate your business and your skills.

As such, it’s an amazing platform to showcase what you are about too.

So, use it extensively but wisely, to ensure that people remember you personally – for all the right reasons!


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