The Benefits of Training vs Teaching Yourself


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You are here because you’re considering learning something new or updating your current skill set. But you can’t decide between teaching yourself or taking a more formal approach and completing a training course.

If you can relate, we here to tell you why the latter approach is way more beneficial. Let’s take a look.



If you’re time-poor, yet keen to learn something new (and quickly), you may think you’ll save time teaching yourself, but more often than not, the opposite is true.

When you take a training course, you’ll complete modules at set times or attend an in-person class with defined goals and objectives. This kind of guided learning boasts greater structure by setting realistic deadlines, goals, and tasks to help you retain your knowledge. 

While it’s true that teaching yourself is free, and there’s undoubtedly a sense of achievement if you’ve done all the work yourself, ask yourself if you really know where to start. It can take way more time to learn something comprehensively; and that’s time you could be spending on doing something more productive.


You’ll be Learning From Others

Nothing beats learning from the experts who have a solid reputation and years of experience. 

Although many believe that they can find the answer to everything on Google, and while we don’t doubt it’s capacity as a fantastic resource, it can’t do everything. 

We believe that learning from not only the course creators themselves but also from your fellow learning community will advance your learning and act as a motivator for achieving optimum results.

Actually, it’s a good feeling when you know there is someone there you can ask questions if you’ve hit a wall in your learning. When it’s just you pushing yourself to learn something, it can be tough to keep yourself motivated.

In fact, learning from others can potentially not only broaden your experience, but offer up a whole new networking opportunity too.


Tailored to Your Needs

There are dozens of generic videos and online courses out there. You just have to do a quick internet search to find them. However, what they all lack, is a tailored approach to learning that better reflects your specific goals and needs. 

By adopting a more formal approach to your training, you’ll get it right the first time by receiving engaging and relevant content and one-to-one mentorship.


Up to Date Information in One Place

A proficient training provider will ensure that all your learning modules and printable materials are up to date and accessible from one convenient place.


Before We Go

We hope we’ve shown you the benefits of training vs teaching yourself. Good luck with your studies, and please feel free to say hello and tell us how you get on!

In the meantime, please do check our LinkedIn Training Masterclass.

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