Planning a business event

Business events, when created and executed properly, are a key part of most organisation’s marketing plans. Hosting your own event gives you many opportunities. You’ll be able to: demonstrate your exceptional customer care, gain a loyal following, build relationships, and promote your services.

Consider these handy tips to help yours go with a swing.

Have a purpose
What feeling do you want your guests to leave with? Think about what you want them to take away from the event. Work backwards on how you can achieve this.

Consider PR
Consider events an integral part of marketing. It need not be obvious, but events can complement PR and marketing strategy. Most events have potential to sell, market, build brand awareness, build relationships, provide PR and a face-to-face client meeting in one. You’re getting quality time with your clients and potential new ones. Getting to know you can be a deciding factor in whether or not they take you up on your offers.

One size does not fit all
Every event should reflect the guests or target audience. It needs to attract, excite and engage them. You may need to consider a series of smaller events, each tailored to a specific group. It’s not about getting the most people in a room together. The quality of the people you attract will attract more at your next event. You want your guests to really benefit from attending. If they make reliable contacts because of you it will benefit your reputation.

Reflect your brand
Any corporate event is an ambassador of your company. Even if you want to ensure a lightness of touch, it still makes sense to think how everything from the invitations to the décor reflects your core values. You can do this in a subtle way if you fear you’ll come across too salesy. Using stationary, colours, and even layouts, you can really cement the image of your brand in your guests’ minds. Get creative.

As event organisers ourselves, we’re beaming with ideas. We love the chance to get hands on with events. So, if you need any help, give us a shout!

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