LinkedIn Training Masterclass

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LinkedIn is the worlds premier B2B social media platform. With over 500 million users worldwide and 6.7 billion searches performed each year. 45% of LinkedIn users are ABC1 decision makers.

The LinkedIn platform is a great way to be seen in the business community with 81% of buyers are more likely to engage with a strong professional brand. Regular LinkedIn content being pushed out that highlight’s information, fact and figures as well as brand testimonials will help elevate you above the competition and showcase you to potential clients. The branding and character of the posts should match that of your business.

The importance of using this platform to it’s full potential is increasingly important.

LinkedIn is the best place to manage your professional identity and build and engage with your professional network.

Grow your personal brand awareness

Our LinkedIn training Masterclasses will equip you with the know-how to grow your personal, company and employer brand by harnessing the power of LinkedIn and integrating that with tailored search campaigns.
• Best practice in setting up of personal and business profiles
• Profile Improvement
• Developing a content strategy
• Growing brand awareness
• Engaging successfully with your target audience – what is the optimum process
• Finding potential customer on LinkedIn
• Optimising your profile and engagement to attract the right people to your profile and content
• Maximising the use of your company page versus a corresponding strategy for personal profile use
• Unlocking sales opportunities
• How to optimise future marketing activities

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Build your network through LinkedIn training

– People buy from people. LinkedIn is the place to build trust and form professional relationships

– Establish industry-specific authority. People working with you will remain reassured of your insightful presence

– Get associated with the right people. Highlight your circle as B2Bs grow through circles



Changing role of marketers

The role of a marketer has evolved from the job description many of us signed up to. Your’s may have entailed sourcing and collecting leads and letting the sales team deal with the rest. But times have changed and our potential customers are expecting more from us.

It has become essential for those in marketing to find new ways of generating leads. This, for the most part, translates to reaching out to them rather than them coming to you. Lead generation now requires a marketeer to warm up those leads by building relationships before they’re in the right frame of mind to be passed on to a sales person.

Much of it has to do with knowing your audience, what they want, when they go online, where they spend their money, how they entertain themselves, and so on. Your online marketing needs to reach your audience, in all the right places, at all the right times. But how do we find out more about the right consumers for us and how and when should we reach them?



Types of businesses who our LinkedIn training is good for and why

Four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions. With over 690 millions members, that’s a lot of decision makers just a few clicks away ready to connect with. It’s for this reason that LinkedIn marketing tools have proven so essential for businesses of every size, in any sector, including business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C).



Build your network through LinkedIn training

Helping busy business owners generate more opportunities to do business by raising personal brand awareness, gaining trust, building long term successful relationships and generating word of mouth, so you can get back to running your business. We take away the headache around marketing.

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our marketing strategies and adapt well in the needs and standards of the current market. Through Niche Magazine, we work with businesses and manage LinkedIn accounts inhouse. With our extensive portfolio, experience and knowledge, we provide you with a bespoke LinkedIn training service, helping you to define your goals and assisting the succession of your objectives.

We’re based in Leicester but work with businesses around the UK. We have your business at heart and support you every step of the way”



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We are very proud to work with Cross; their hard-working team really care and go above and beyond for us.

The team at Cross Productions are extremely knowledgeable and provide expert advice and excellent creative services.

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We are confident that Cross have the imagination, vision and understanding of businesses to achieve any aspirations and objectives set by their clients.

We’ve chosen to work with Cross to boost our presence within the county and to solidify our position as a leading Design and Build corporation within the construction sector.

Cross strive to go the extra mile for us, and act as an extension of our business and our brand.

The team at Cross Productions throw themselves into every opportunity at helping to expand and grow clients’ businesses.