LinkedIn & Social Media Management

LinkedIn & Social Media Management
Digital footprints
Cross productions have great knowledge in what they do they have helped the business excel to the next platform."

Opening the door to new opportunities

Advances in digital technology has transformed marketing into a measurable activity.

With the ability to track and measure results, digital gives businesses the opportunity to stay in control and make immediate changes to a marketing campaign. You no longer need to wait for months to apply any changes, which means you can keep your campaign relevant, fresh and performing well for you.

At Cross Productions we work with companies to devise a plan that gradually integrates their business into the basic digital channels and forms a solid platform from which to grow. It’s important for us to understand your individual customers and profile their needs so products/services can be offered to suit.

Through a strategic digital campaign, we target specific customers with the right product/service.

Communicating with brand personality engages and converts a higher percentage of business, so you must establish your digital personality and communicate in a style that relates to your audience. We’ll help to convey your digital personality and message through our creative content marketing skills and advanced keyword knowledge, that not only will help to increase rankings on Google, but will also encourage your customers to engage with your brand.

Understanding your customer profile is imperative when setting targets and goals, which is why we take the time to devise a bespoke plan to help meet your marketing objectives.

Campaign performance should also be set out in fine detail. As a campaign is rolled out you will learn what works best – whether it is social media marketing, content marketing, SEO or website updates; we can refine the strategy so that you are continuously getting improved results.

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Our Client
We are very proud to work with Cross; their hard-working team really care and go above and beyond for us.

The team at Cross Productions are extremely knowledgeable and provide expert advice and excellent creative services.

Leicester Castle Business School
We are confident that Cross have the imagination, vision and understanding of businesses to achieve any aspirations and objectives set by their clients.

We’ve chosen to work with Cross to boost our presence within the county and to solidify our position as a leading Design and Build corporation within the construction sector.

Cross strive to go the extra mile for us, and act as an extension of our business and our brand.

The team at Cross Productions throw themselves into every opportunity at helping to expand and grow clients’ businesses.