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The concept of community is defined in the Oxford dictionary as ‘a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common’.

Although not exclusively people, a group of any living things might share a location. For instance, a country, town or even virtual space.

Equally, a community might just share values, identify traditions or perhaps even a religion.



Whatever the commonality concerned, the importance of community is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted.

For the truth is that without the concept of community, we’re just a world of unconnected people.

As such, there is a significant negative impact on those who don’t feel part of a community.

Moreover, a lack of connection and associated feelings of loneliness contribute hugely to mental health issues in humans. In fact, it’s well documented that social connection is essential to most aspects of wellbeing and health.



There are many advantages to having a sense of community.

For example, having a sense of community unites us.

Equally, community evokes feelings of being supported and therefore safety and security.

In addition, feelings of belonging create a sense of solid relationships and being part of a team.

Furthermore, pooling strengths makes us stronger together. It is the essence of the well-known phrase, ‘strength in numbers’ which describes the strength which can be gained in a team. 



As in personal relationships, a sense of community is equally vital in our business lives.

Whether that be for workers sharing the same employer or individual business units developing their own communities, the positive impact of being part of a community is second to none.

For small businesses, LinkedIn is an amazing platform for creating and sustaining business communities, albeit in a virtual world.

Whilst industry-led communities are a great place to learn the latest on your industry, geographical communities are also significantly useful.

The sense of belonging and ability to share your concerns and challenges in a trusted space is invaluable to a small business.

Equally too, is the relief of finding others in your community who share your feelings.

With different strengths and weaknesses and an underlying connection, a community will forge ahead successfully.



Whether in life or on LinkedIn, the consequences of being part of a community are essentially the same.

If you engage with others with similar goals, values or location, they will engage with you.

Although you will want to stand out from the crowd in business, the value in being part of a community is clear.

There is strength in standing together, sharing knowledge and experience as well as challenges and fears.

Similarly, there is strength in feeling valued, supported and secure.

So, on an equal footing, giving and taking in equal measures, the bond created from being part of a community is essential and unbreakable.


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