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LinkedIn is a massive online professional networking social media with 740m+ users!

So it’s natural that you want to create a page for your business there.

However, how can you maximise your page’s success while setting up?

Here are some points to consider when creating your company’s LinkedIn page!


1. Plan for Clarity 

When you set up your company’s page on LinkedIn, you want to convey what you do and who you are.

Additionally, you want to do this cleanly and professionally!

So, it is recommended you plan out what your business page needs to convey before setting it up.

Think of it like this. What do you do? What is your USP? What do you want users to first notice?

Use these questions to help form what information is inserted onto your page, and the tone it is conveyed in.


2. Lookin’ Sharp!

If you are setting up your LinkedIn company page, chances are you want to come across as professional.

Thus, it is of paramount importance that every element is clear, high-quality, and stands out!

When uploading your logo, make sure it’s 300×300 as recommended by LinkedIn.

Additionally, ensure the cover image (banner) is 1128×191, also recommended by LinkedIn.

Furthermore, ensure the logo is centred, looks professional and looks clean/sharp (not blurry).


3. So, Tell Me About Yourself…

Often an awkward question to answer given the many answers available to give.

However, you need to give both LinkedIn and users an insight into what your business is all about!

Are you an innovative new food delivery business? If so, when did you start?

Are you a cutting edge digital marketing agency? If so, why did you set up shop?

Tell people about your business, and why they should be interested.

Also, as an additional note, ensure this is written clearly and professionally! 

Feel free to use tools like Grammarly to ensure it is written correctly and clearly.

(p.s. Don’t forget to link to your website on your page, otherwise, people will struggle to get to you directly!)


4. Location, Location, Location!

While it might seem odd, especially if you don’t have a physical shop!

By adding location you are telling LinkedIn where your main area of business is.

For example, if you operate in Cardiff and wish to find new clients/customers, set your location to Cardiff.

LinkedIn is more likely to show your page and posts to people in a similar geographical area, so give it a go!


5. Special Specialties

Similar to the location point, ensure to set what areas you specialise in and what industry you operate in.

This will help LinkedIn understand directly what your type of business is and help others find your page.

For instance, if you search for cybersecurity businesses, setting your industry to this will help you show up!

By doing so, it will increase your visibility and searchability, helping you connect with those interested in your industry/services!


Final Remarks

If you were planning on setting up a business page, hopefully, these points have helped you create a winning page!

There are still other things such as hashtags, taglines, etc.

So ensure you fill those in with similar information to the about section.

Just remember, the more information you provide, the easier it is to find your page!


For more information, please get in touch today.

In the meantime check out our LinkedIn Management service.


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