5 Ways to Engage With Your LinkedIn Connections

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As with any social media network, you’ll want to be at the forefront of your target audience’s mind.

LinkedIn is no exception.

By engaging with your connections, you can ensure you’re driving your network for the best possible use.

Most of the time, people send out random requests and never actually engage with them.

However, LinkedIn is not about collecting as many names as possible – it’s about finding the right leads, accelerating the conversation and ultimately connecting with them in person.

With that said, here are 5 ways to engage with your LinkedIn Network.


1. Don’t Send Default Invitations

Before you send out a request, it’s a good idea to draft up a personalised message that tells your prospect why you want to be a part of their network.

As a result, you’ll find people are more likely to respond quicker and in a more positive manner.

Because, simply sending a random request with no context can often feel like spam – especially when there are hundreds of other people sending default invitations.

As such, write something more personal and find a reason why you want to connect to stand out from the crowd.


2. Comment on Connection’s Status Updates

By this, we mean to do more than just clicking the ‘like’ button under the update.

When you comment, it shows you actually read their post and you have something valuable to say about it.

With this in mind, you should scan through your homepage and find opportunities to engage, which will show your connections you are paying attention to what they post.

Let’s say there are certain connections you want to particularly try to get in front of, you can head straight to their profile and view their recent posts – even if they have commented on someone else’s, you can jump in and add your comment too.

At the end of the day, being engaged is about being interested in what your network is talking about.


3. Follow Up with Previous Connections

Staying consistent and following up with your connections has never been easier.

Simply head to a person’s profile and hit the send message button.

Here, you can ask them a question based on a previous conversation, comment on something you’ve learned from them or ask how you could offer your support to a challenge they may have.

Consequently, most sales are lost because of a lack of follow-up – you want to stay connected, provide value and gain their trust.


4. Be Thankful for Endorsements 

Another great way to stay at the forefront of people’s minds is to appreciate them and show that you want to be associated with them.

So, next time someone endorses your skills, thank them and perhaps endorse them back.

Above all, even if they don’t endorse you back, you have adopted a serving mentality you should be proud of.


5. Make a Recommendation

It comes as no surprise – recommendations are very valuable.

Think about it – before you pick a restaurant – you check reviews right?

Because, we all want to know the decision we make is backed up by other customers who are satisfied.

Ultimately, how we buy has changed and by making a recommendation for someone who has experience in a particular product or service is a great way to drive engagement.

However, don’t just write one in the hope that you’ll get one back, but because you want to truly acknowledge someone’s work.

At the same time, keep your own recommendations on your profile updated so your profile remains current.


The Takeaway 

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with like-minded professionals and grow your brand, however you must engage with your connections if you want to capture their attention and stay there. By following these 5 ways above, you can ensure your audience will remember you and build trust in an effort to increase your overall sales.


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