LinkedIn Training: How to Find the Right Fit for You!

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Have you just joined LinkedIn? Or are you looking to enhance your profile?

You don’t need to do it all yourself: A LinkedIn trainer will help you enhance your LinkedIn profile, and make it stand out amongst others!


Link Up!

To begin, use the search-bar on LinkedIn to see your options.

A simple search: for instance, “LinkedIn Training Leicester” will give you a few options to explore.

Furthermore, ask fellow LinkedIn connections if they know a great LinkedIn trainer. You may just find a great tutor hiding in plain sight.

Similarly, you can ask connections what they thought of sessions and if it has helped them in the past. 

Doing so will help you validate their credentials from a trusted source, as well as finding the best solution for you.


Google Is Your Friend!

Use Google to search for “LinkedIn Training (in your location, e.g. Leicester)” or just “LinkedIn Training”.

Doing so should bring up a plethora of businesses that specialise in this field of work.

From there, you can explore their websites and visit the various social media available. 

Searching this way will help you find businesses that offer these services, as well as expand your options.

Additionally, if the business is registered in the Google Business listing, the business will have a page, as well as reviews (in the form of a star rating).

These reviews can be useful to give you a brief overview of the credibility of the business and the services they offer, as well as seeing where they are located if they have a physical place of business.



Taking our last point on Google reviews forward, if a tutor or company has been operating for a few months, chances are they have given a few individuals training.

As a result, these tutors must have accumulated some testimonials over Google and social media.

Checking out these testimonials will give you an idea of what other clients think of the service provided by the LinkedIn tutor.

This allows you to base the service quality and what you can expect to achieve when you seek their training.

Furthermore, it gives you confidence in the company and further validates their credentials to give LinkedIn profile advice, as well as what they have worked on prior.


Practice What You Teach

If a LinkedIn trainer is knowledgeable and has good advice, they should have a respectable LinkedIn presence themselves.

For instance, the LinkedIn trainers that you are looking into will have professional graphics, information about the business, as well as some interesting content.

One way to see if they practice what they preach is to check out their LinkedIn profile and see for yourself where the results will lead.


Everyone Loves a Freebie!

Like what you are reading now, some LinkedIn training providers will have a blog or a publishing page on their website.

Apart from just talking about LinkedIn, what other knowledge do they share on their website? Are they even the sharing type?

If they are sharing extended value, this is a good sign, as they are not only giving you a sample of free advice, but allowing you to evaluate their skills before booking a session!

Consider this, when buying a car, you take a test-drive to see how It handles, and to check for defects/issues.

Blogs like this are like a test-drive, and give you a good starting place to evaluate the service and training to see if that is what you are looking for.


Closing Statements

With some luck, the above has helped you to find a LinkedIn training provider.

And hopefully, will be the start of your LinkedIn training!

If you found this information useful, and want LinkedIn training that will help you stand out from the rest, check out our LinkedIn training.

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