Digital trends to benefit your brand in 2019

Eighty-six per cent of consumers suggested that brand authenticity is vital when deciding who to trust and support, and other things for you to think about next year.

As we edge towards 2019, it is worth considering what businesses should be investing in next year to keep one step ahead of the competition. With the average internet user currently spending six hours online each day, we have a huge opportunity to capture new sales and leads by improving our visibility online.

So, what three important expanding trends should you keep in mind for your business in 2019?

Voice searching

Almost a third of searches performed on Google are now conducted via a voice application on personal devices such as mobile phones, and this is expected to grow to half of all searches by the end of 2020. Voice search is hugely important so ensure you understand how to correctly structure your content on your website to maximise your opportunity with this feature. It could prove vital when staying ahead of the competition!

Influencer marketing

Next up is influencer marketing. Keeping your business brand relevant is becoming increasingly difficult as consumers get bombarded with sponsored content in their newsfeeds, product placement in TV and films and the search engines prioritising paid results. According to a recent survey, 86% of consumers suggested that brand authenticity is vital when deciding who to trust and support. Using existing brand advocates and respected influencers is a great way to cut through the advertising frenzy and allows your brand to stand out honestly.

Content creating

Following on from influencer marketing, the next challenge is ensuring that your business looks authentic rather than manipulated by a brand. One route to take is to enable user-generated content to help promote your business. This can be done via reviews, case studies, experiences, engagement from social channels and the use of hashtags. There’s no reason not to reward your customers for doing so with giveaways, competitions and empowerment.

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