Engaging your audience with thought provoking content

The marketing landscape is constantly changing, and for many business owners, it’s hard to keep up.

What worked so well one year might be obsolete the next. How do you know what to focus on for the year ahead? The trends and data all say the same thing and that is it doesn’t matter what industry your business is in—these marketing activities are applicable to all types of businesses.

From blog posts and emails through to social media and websites, content is everywhere. But in such a noisy, content-saturated world, it can be difficult to make your message stand out. To connect with people on a much more realistic level, you need to create effective content which captures your target audience’s attention.

We all like to feel special, so personalise the content in, for example, your emails or blog posts so they are aimed at particular groups of customers, clients, and prospects.

To get your message out there in the most effective way:

  • Divide your data into groups as you see fit
  • Schedule reminders in your calendar so you know when to follow something up
  • Don’t use a scattergun approach to your content. Target it specifically
  • Look at Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Most people now search for businesses using social media. Google may still be the most trusted platform for obtaining users, but social media is more versatile and it’s often a lot more convenient. Not only does social media provide SEO value, but it also makes it easy to optimise a platform you’re already on and find more users where they are online.

Optimise your social media profiles using website SEO tactics such as keywords and location. Treat social media like your website and directory listings to ensure that your business gets found and generates leads on social media.

Embrace change and use these marketing tips to grow your business. We create content for businesses of different sizes across multiple sectors so get in touch if you would like to discuss content creation.

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