Pete Miller, The Miller Partnership

As a Tax Specialist working across the UK my time is filled with clients, lectures, seminars, institute business, education committees, mentoring, engaging with local charities, leaving little time for more than a cursory glance at The Miller Partnership’s social media imprint.

Lockdown didn’t actually lessen that busyness, it simply moved it online and now meant it functioned from home.

An online presence is no longer merely a question of regular updates on diary commitments and information output, it’s about sparking conversations.

Enter the Cross Productions team with their dynamic approach to social media messaging and business to business engagement: working with us to collaborate on content and employing Tracey’s design aesthetic to enhance The Miller Partnership’s output.

Within the first five weeks we’ve had four, yes four, trending LinkedIn posts and a 485% increase in views. This just goes to demonstrate and highlight the difference a dedicated approach to online content can make. The additional employment of relevant and eye catching imagery by Cross Productions, a company who, justifiably, pride themselves on delivering your message, all of this can help achieve immediate results.

Our Client
We are very proud to work with Cross; their hard-working team really care and go above and beyond for us.

The team at Cross Productions are extremely knowledgeable and provide expert advice and excellent creative services.

Leicester Castle Business School
We are confident that Cross have the imagination, vision and understanding of businesses to achieve any aspirations and objectives set by their clients.

We’ve chosen to work with Cross to boost our presence within the county and to solidify our position as a leading Design and Build corporation within the construction sector.

Cross strive to go the extra mile for us, and act as an extension of our business and our brand.

The team at Cross Productions throw themselves into every opportunity at helping to expand and grow clients’ businesses.