Top 5 Personal Relationship Tips Which Also Apply to Business

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There have been many wise words written about how to maintain a happy and long-lasting personal relationship.

So, how many of these tips also apply to business relationships too?

The answer is: the majority! Here are our top 5 tips which apply to both personal and business relationships.


1. Build a Relationship Steadily 

Just like any personal relationship, make sure you take a business relationship slowly and do not try to sell anything on the first meeting.

Whilst it’s tempting to tell your prospect all about what you offer, it’s just too much, too soon.

As such, it’s important to slowly develop a business relationship as you would a personal one, in order that they get to know you better. For instance, if you liked the look of someone in a bar, you might chat with them and arrange to meet for a low-key coffee.

You wouldn’t go up to them and ask them to marry you!

Consequently, be aware it’s a slow burn to build any deeper relationship.

Moreover, it’s critical to, first and foremost, build up a level of trust.


2. Stepping into Another’s Shoes 

Most business advice will include taking a view on how best you can resolve your customers’ business pain points.

In the same way as dealing with any disagreement with a partner at home by trying to see it from their point of view, do the same in business.

Whilst it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking inwards, by viewing your services from a customer viewpoint, you will serve your customers much better.

Therefore, you will maintain their faith in your knowledge of their needs.


3. Listening Skills

Although often difficult to do, most of us are aware that listening is the single most important thing we can do in any relationship.

Whether it be a marriage, friendship or parent/child relationship, listening is absolutely key.

By taking on board what others are saying, it makes them feel you care and understand.

Equally, it allows you to have a certain empathy.

Ultimately, if your customers feel you truly understand their needs, they will want to stay. 


4. Mutual Respect

Another major element of any successful personal relationship is mutual respect.

Consequently, if you respect your customers, they will respect you.

By respecting your customer and equally, their needs, you will ensure that they feel suitably acknowledged and valued.

Equally, valuing others’ opinions and understanding boundaries are key to any relationship.


5. Trust 

A contributory factor in any successful personal relationship is that of trust. It’s the foundation of pretty much all relationships and if broken, can cause irreparable damage.

Whereby the definition of trust in a personal relationship is fairly clear, it manifests itself slightly differently in business.

Equally, too, although trust might initially be given more freely personally, in a business relationship, it needs to be earned.

However, it still remains an essential ingredient. If a customer trusts you and believes in your integrity and honesty, your relationship will definitely stand the test of time.


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