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Humans are social animals and an interdependent species.

In simple terms, we depend on each other to survive. And, this extends to relying on each other for support in all areas of our lives.

For instance, family can provide a major source of support, whilst in the workplace, employers and employees work alongside each other in an interdependent relationship.

Similarly, where this concept is particularly useful to develop is when building your business.

By developing your circle, you have access to specialists and support alike. As such, it is guaranteed your business will become stronger if you have a network to call upon.

Here is our take on building your network:



Local business groups and networks can be great for getting to know other local business owners, but they can also prove a bit hit and miss.

For example, it can be time consuming and costly getting there and those you meet might not be like-minded or in the right area of business.

However, as an alternative, it is widely acknowledged that the best business networking tool available is the online platform: LinkedIn.

Small and large businesses alike can benefit hugely by its wide-ranging capacity. As a foundation on which to build a wide network of business support, LinkedIn is an invaluable source of contacts, news, articles and posts for any growing enterprise.



With over 600 million users, LinkedIn enables business owners to increase their exposure and showcase their businesses.

Additionally, making connections, developing a circle and becoming part of a community adds to building your standing as an industry leader and as such, your credibility.

In short, LinkedIn allows you to develop business relationships, generate leads and grow your business.

So, when used well, it means building a mutually beneficial network of quality business connections around you, supporting one another wherever possible.



Using all the means at your disposal to the very best effect starts with focusing on building relationships, interacting and engaging with other business professionals.

It’s essential you offer as much support as you receive and post tips and articles of general interest.

By doing so, you can’t fail to build trust, expand your knowledge and learn from those who’ve had success.

By building a network with authenticity and sincerity, it is very likely you will also end up working with people you like too which has got to be a bonus!


To learn more, check our LinkedIn Training Masterclass or simply, get in touch 🙂


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