The 5 Best LinkedIn Practices To Level Up Your LinkedIn Game

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Do you need a level up for your LinkedIn experience?

Perhaps engagement is screeching to a halt?

Lucky for you, here are 5 LinkedIn practices to give your LinkedIn a level up!


1.Know Your Audience, And Talk To Them

LinkedIn posting to grow your network is social media marketing, and marketing places importance on targeting.

So, if you know who you want to target (potential clients, etc.), then you need to write for them!

I understand that It might sound obvious, but it is often overlooked when churning posts.

Furthermore, it is the difference between a new conversation and a removed connection!


2. Learn From Your Peers

Are you not a first mover in your industry? Awesome!

While you may not have the first-mover advantage, you do have the advantage of learning from the first-movers mistakes.

Take a look at your peers’ posts, and understand what’s working for them.

Think about it, if their posts are getting engagement, why?

What is it they are talking about, is it their tone, do they include images?

Once you understand what your target wants, and what works, simply implement it into your LinkedIn strategy.


3. Sell Yourself, Not Your Product

Look at these two examples and imagine you are interested in marketing services, which post would you engage with more:

“Hey! It’s me again, here to offer you marketing services for your company, message me if you need marketing…”


“Last night I had an idea, and I am not sure why others are not doing it more often. It involves posting videos…”

Now, which one would you rather read and engage with? 

The difference between the two is that one is talking to the client in a pushy sales manner.

Whereas the other opens up the possibility for a genuine conversation, the real reason people link on LinkedIn.


4. Analytical Analysis

Analytics is data, and raw data does not lie.

Use your analytics to get an idea of what is going on in your LinkedIn profile.

For example, what is working, and who is engaging with your posts.

You can use this data to frame your next posts and reach higher levels of engagement for the future!


5. Visual Sells, No Visuals Smells

Images, Videos, Gifs. These three all have something in common, they all increase engagement!

In fact, images increase comments by 2x, and videos increase engagement by 5x

Impressive right!? And the best part is it’s easy to do when posting as usual.

Now, sit back, and watch all that sweet sweet engagement roll in!


Final Remarks

So, there are 5 ways you can level up your LinkedIn game!

And hopefully, this will help you improve your posts’ engagement, generate new conversations, and link with new connections.

For more information, please get in touch today.

In the meantime check out our LinkedIn Management service.


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