3 Big Benefits of Joining LinkedIn Groups

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If you haven’t joined a LinkedIn group yet, then what are you doing?

LinkedIn groups are a fantastic way to build credibility for your business and offer great benefits. 

And, let’s say there aren’t any for you to join or they don’t seem relevant – you could create and moderate your own.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn groups are a cost-effective way to grow your audience by participating in dedicated discussions and topics.

As such, by posting information that offers value to the other members, you may find your connections significantly increasing.

Here are 3 benefits from joining a group on LinkedIn.


1. Direct Communication With Members

If you start your own group on LinkedIn, you’ll have the ability to directly email all the members involved once a week – which is much more cost effective than email marketing.

It’s worth noting here, people use LinkedIn less often than other social media sites, and so by emailing them high quality content once a week, it’s much more likely that they’ll take some interest.

Moreover, you can remind members of new, current and popular posts in the group to keep them engaged.

Remember though, we don’t mean send email to try and sell your services, your goal here is to offer valuable information and build trust. 


2. Gain Influence 

When posting in LinkedIn groups, you must make sure the content is focused around the discussion topic – don’t just spam your blog posts.

Doing so, means you will be able to quickly gain influence as you’re posting things that people really want to read.

Therefore, be selective in which groups you engage in – post where you have the interest and relevant experience.

Secondly, ask relevant questions whilst also offering interesting answers.

Lastly, contribute regularly to give members time to recognise you and understand what your beliefs are.

And, once this trust has been gained, you can begin sending out invites for members to connect with you.


3. Create Content Your Target Audience Wants

By joining specific LinkedIn groups, you’ll actually get a direct insight as to what your target audience is looking for. 

For instance, a group on LinkedIn usually consists of specific demographics – you should identify these before joining.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to see what questions are being asked, what problems your audience is facing and create content to eliminate their issues. 

Furthermore, you can ask for feedback and honest reviews, which will help you to create new content moving forward.

Also, you must be mindful with what text, tone and language you use and you should always adapt accordingly – e.g. you wouldn’t talk to someone in a pest control group the same way you would if you were talking in a group with small business owners.


Finishing Thoughts

Overall, you want to be strategic when joining and posting in LinkedIn groups.

So, before just aimlessly joining, research the demographic you want to target and engage in discussions to leave an impact and build trust.

Eventually, you will reap the rewards and as your influence grows, your business will too.

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