5 Benefits of a LinkedIn Premium Subscription

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A LinkedIn Premium membership – to pay or not to pay?

It’s a fair question; if you put your money into something, you’ll want to get the most out of it.

For some, having the premium badge on your profile feels quite cool – perhaps giving you a higher status than other profiles.

But what else can it do for you?

Well, it won’t give you superpowers – unfortunately!

However, there are some added benefits you’ll receive from paying that small premium.

Let’s check out 5 benefits of a LinkedIn Premium subscription.


1. Extended Access to LinkedIn Network

Arguably one of the most useful features from the premium subscription, is the extended access to LinkedIn’s network and removing search limitations that comes with a free account.

For instance, if you’re trying to find and connect with prospects, the Commercial Use Limit will only get you so far.

However, with a premium subscription, you will never lose access to search results which will have a positive affect on your lead generation capabilities.


2. InMail

With a free account, you’re limited as to who you can send direct messages to.

Simply, you cannot send messages directly to someone you are not connected with or don’t share a group with.

For that reason, a LinkedIn premium subscription is great as you can easily access key decision makers who you don’t have a connection or relationship with (yet).

And actually, sending InMails is a fantastic way to establish an initial connection. Rather than sending a request where a person may feel obliged to accept without knowing you – InMail gives you the ability to introduce yourself properly.

Moreover, with a premium subscription you have a bigger character limit – instead of only 300 characters, you can write up to 200 characters in the subject line and up to 2000 in the main body – making it a lot easier to explain why you want to connect.

Depending on the subscription you choose, there are a certain number of InMail messages you can send per month (you can purchase more), but with the premium business subscription, you get to send 15.


3. Who Viewed My Profile?

You may already know this – but there are a wealth of leads sitting right under your nose, and it’s called the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section.

As obvious as it sounds, this tells you who looked at your profile.

But you can stretch back and see who visited over the last 90 days with a premium subscription, otherwise you can only view back to 5 days with a free account.

Furthermore, you’ll see a graph to demonstrate views each week – giving you the opportunity to identify trends where activity increases or decreases.

In other words, when there’s a spike in views, you can check back on the content you posted that week to see what people are responding to, and then do more of the same to keep those numbers high.

In addition, you also get the option to add filters to view which companies the people viewing are from and their job titles, as well as how they found your profile too.

By reviewing who’s viewed your profile, you can look for commonalities and send a well thought out connection request in an effort to generate new leads.


4. Open Profile

At the end of the day, most people use LinkedIn to network with prospects – so what’s the point if there’s going to be limits?

With that said, another great benefit to a premium subscription is that people outside of your network are able to send you a message.

In most cases, prospects will not pay to send you a message, therefore an open profile removes that barrier between you.


5. Gold Badge

Everyone wants an eye-catching profile, and what’s better than gold!

Simply having a small gold LinkedIn badge, identifying you as a premium user, can make you stand out from the crowd in search results.

As small of a benefit as it may sound, it actually increases your credibility and builds trust with prospects as spammers or fake accounts will more than likely not be paying for the premium membership.


Concluding Thoughts

If the features mentioned above do not sound useful for you, then a free account will be fine.

However, if you’re not too sure whether to make the investment or not, you can try out a premium subscription free for 30 days, so give it a go!

All in all, if you’re using LinkedIn to generate leads, it’s clear to see why it would be worth your while to broaden your search and get access to a wider pool of prospects.


For more information, please get in touch today.


In the meantime check out our LinkedIn Management service.


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