How to Add Your Personality Into an Otherwise Lifeless LinkedIn Posts

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Are your posts lacking that ‘something’?

Perhaps you feel your posts don’t feel enough like you?

Lucky for you, here are 5 interesting ways to put your personality into your posts; giving them the spice they deserve!


1. Write As You

If you have an internal monologue, this will be easy.

When you write a paragraph, do you hear the words in your head? If so, is this how you would normally speak?

Being genuine will allow your personality to shine through.

Additionally, writing words as they come will allow for more spontaneous ideas.

This will further enhance the creativity in your posts


2. Crack a Joke

Funny to mention it, but being humorous helps in most circumstances (but obviously not all).

If you can, try to inject some humour into your posts; this will allow your personality to come across easier.

Naturally, this also depends on yourself: if you are not a humorous individual, perhaps keep your posts sober.

However, if you’re similar to me, you like to make the occasional humorous passage.

This will make your posts unique, more entertaining to read, and, as a result, allow your personality to shine through!


3. Explore Your Interests

What is it you are interested in? Space, Financial markets, Social causes? Why not explore these topics in your posts?

It will allow like-minded individuals to know of your interests, and perhaps start new conversations.

Additionally, it will reveal more about yourself, and make your posts more personal.

Plus, you get to talk about your favourite topics and interests.

Not a bad deal, eh?!


4. Honesty is The Best Policy

Be honest with your abilities, writing, and message. This will help your writing to feel more personal and authentic.

For example, if you don’t know much about the financial markets, then avoid trying to sound like a financial expert.

Additionally, stay true to yourself, try not to copy what others do, or their language/mannerisms.

There is a fine line between inspiration and copying; make sure you tread it carefully!


5. Learn The Rules, Then Break Them

Learning the rules can help you learn how to do things. However, breaking some of these rules can lead to interesting results.

For example, you might find that in writing, you use a full stop only at the end of a sentence.

Well, perhaps you want to break that rule occasionally to add extra emphasis.

And in case you’re thinking you can’t possibly do it, Yes. You. Can!

(See, it can work!)

Anyways, feel free to get creative with it, and allow your tone of voice to really stand out!


Final Remarks

So, hopefully you have found some interesting ways to put your personality to paper!

This should help to improve your posts and increase engagement.

Sp, be sure to give them a go, and let your audience get to know you better!


For more information, please get in touch today.

In the meantime check out our LinkedIn Management service.

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